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I cannot collect from my Tenant or Defendant because they moved now what!




You received an Order or Judgment, and now you are ready to collect! The last stage is to serve your enforcement orders, and you are off to the Bank.

Unfortunately, you have learned some devastating news, the Defendant or Tenant has moved! You cannot find them now, they are gone! You cannot serve them a Notice of Garnishment, an Examination Hearing, or any other legal document to collect money because you do not know where they live or work.

Unfortunately, your plans to the bank are on-hold, and you have put good money into this chase for bad debt. You may be regretting your decision, because the person is gone, not to be found, and you have no leads.

This is a frustrating situation for anyone looking to recover money. The bad news is you are most likely going to have to invest a little more money into finding the individual. The good news is that it is possible to find the individual, and in many cases the investment is minimal.

To start, you should review Facebook, Facebook is a wealth of free public information, and you can find a whole lot of information on Facebook about your Defendant or Tenant. If you get lucky, the Tenant or Defendant has updated their job status! You can always serve the individual at work which is beneficial. Other times, you may be blocked, or the Tenant/ Defendant does not have Facebook.

If your subject—Tenant or Defendant—does not have Facebook, you should try a Boolean Search on Google. Now, there are a ton of Boolean Search options. One of my favorites is “ “ quotations which means that Google will only find information that fits what is in the quotations as an exact match. For instance, “JOHN DOE” the search engines will only produce searches with that name. This can be helpful to narrow down your subjects whereabouts, or find information including news articles, chat feeds, places liked, and other information your subject may have imprinted on the internet. I once found an individual because they were complaining about their Residential Apartment Complex in a newspaper! I was quickly able to track them down using Boolean Searches!

You can also do a Boolean Site-specific search by putting Site: and your domain- example This would allow you to search only for specific things found on Facebook, which this can be combined with other Boolean operatives.

For Example: “Jordan Nieuwhof”

This will bring up anything on Facebook and only with the exact name “Jordan Nieuwhof” Try searching your own name and see how much of an imprint you have on Google. For example, I am found the entire first page of google when searching “Jordan Nieuwhof”

Your impression on Google can be extensive, and you can use this to your advantage when looking for your subject.

This also works for any website. For example, “Jordan Nieuwhof” in this result, I pulled up several images related to me.

Now, image searches themselves are powerful. Many people ignore image searches on Google but with Hashtags and taglines, images are powerful search tools, and you should browse the images when searching for your target. When I do an Image Search for “Jordan Nieuwhof” I find myself, and a wealth of links that lead to all sorts of information that could help me find addresses, phone numbers, and the whereabouts of my subject.

In some instances, an individual will not have a large internet presence, that is why you should also search the partner name, or kids name if possible. Just because you cannot find the information on your subject, does not mean you cannot find open-source information on the spouse or child, which, may lead you to the subject! Do not ignore family members.

Build the Family Tree and read the obituaries. Obituaries are a public source of all sorts of powerful information. You can find out spouse’s names, sister names, family names, in laws, activities the person was interested in and more! Obituaries are a real source of heartwarming, truthful, and candid information that you can rely upon. Therefore, it is important to build that family tree, and narrow down connections. Building a family tree is a great way to start any investigation into finding a subject. To prove this, I want you to type in Google [ “Your Name” Obituary ] and see how much information you can divulge from a simple article like an obituary. For fond memories, read the comments.

That is the next tip! Read the comments people post. I often get more information from people’s online comments than I do from the subject. People put innocent comments on social media, and the internet all the time. I once found someone because a friend put a comment “Are you still going to the Marty(Name Changed) Pub on Saturday? My subject wrote yes. Sure enough, I attended the Pub with a photograph of my subject, and BAM! Served!

It is unbelievable the amount of information you can find online if you understand where to look, how to look, and what information to look for. Boolean Searches are great, Social Media is an amazing tool, and sites like Kijiji, and local classifieds can help you find someone.

The final tip is to use Facebook Market Place, Kijiji, and other local classified ads to see if your Defendant/ Tenant is selling something. I cannot count the number of times, I have served someone inquiring about a product, meeting them at their home, and serving them because they posted something for sale online. I often find the people through secondhand sales using Boolean Searches, and internet techniques as described in this blog. You can do this too, and that is the power of the internet!

Now, I also have tools that the public are restricted to access and other subscription-based products not feasible for the public to access, and as a Professional Private Investigator, I can utilize Open-Source Intelligence, and other tools to find someone quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for someone to enforce a Judgment, Order or recover money, and you tried the above techniques, and cannot find the individual, please call my firm LEAR Legal Enforcements or S2F Investigations, for solutions to find your person.

Our solutions are cost effective, will not break the bank, and in most cases, we are successful at obtaining a Place of Employment, Home Address, and a Place to Serve Legal documents to Enforce Judgments and recover money.

We are experts at finding people, assets, and money. If you are having trouble finding someone, do not delay, every minute you wait risks the Tenant or Defendant moving again, or disappearing. When you are serious about finding someone or recovering your money call us at 289-302-3210 or send us an email at and we will develop a solutions package for you.

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