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Eviction Services

Professional Services to Handle Tenant Evictions

Tenant Not Paying Rent?

If your tenant isn't paying you rent, you are loosing money... a lot of it! 

And you're losing it every day or month that you delay getting into action about it.

You probably cannot have a tenant in your unit for very long, not paying rent, before you too end up in financial hardship. 

This is your investment, your unit, your money. 

When your tenant has stopped paying you rent, my professional legal services can help evict them OR get them to pay up! 

As my landlord clients know, my services are broken down into affordable steps for which you can choose all of the steps or only the steps you need.

If your tenant isn't paying rent, don't guess  how the process works. Contact me ASAP so we can get you some relief and solutions to this financial problem.


Call me at (289) 302-3210 to get started NOW and get this big problem solved. 

Tenant Causing Damages?

A tenant who that is causing damages to your rental unit can create havoc. This is serious business because contractors can cost thousands of dollars to fix their damage, you might not get reimbursed AND it probably isn’t covered by your insurance either.

It's not just enough to allege the damages, you need to prove the damages are caused by the Tenant in accordance with the Landlord and Tenant Board Act. I can help you with that proof.

This is your investment property, and damages are frustrating, You don't need you to explain to me how frustrating a reckless tenant can be, I know, and that is why I have solutions to assist you. 

Give me a call, and we can work out some solutions on how to evict the Tenant or correct their behaviour. 

My professional fees for professionals landlords will help protect your investment from further damages. 

Let's not delay eviction over a Landlord's simple mistakes, or errors on the Application. As my landlords know, we need to make this right the first time, because every minute can be another hole, another broken light fixture or another $1,000 in damages. 

Let's correct the issue by correcting or evicting the tenant! 

Tenant Causing Disturbances?

Disturbances and violent behaviour may not necessarily cause damages to the inside of the property but left unattended poorly behaving tenants can cause major issues within residential complex. 

Professional landlord's try and ensure peaceful enjoyment for all of their tenants, and if one tenant is causing issues to garnish complaints, it is time for the landlord to act. 

My landlord's know that this behaviour should never be acceptable or tolerated, and that correcting the behaviour or seeking eviction is the best solution to a reckless tenant. 

If you have a tenant who is causing issues, it can lead to other tenants wanting to vacate and empty units, making a bad situation even worse. 

My landlord's know that professional help saves thousands when focused on keeping good tenants and removing bad tenants. 

If you have a bad tenant call me before the good ones vacate!

Tenant Doing Illegal Acts?

Is your tenant causing an Illegal Act? You know, it is not enough to allege an illegal act, you must be able to prove an illegal act is committed. 

At the Landlord and Tenant Board, I see many Illegal Act Applications get dismissed as the landlord didn't prove the fundamental requirement-- The illegal Act. 

In many cases, it may be better that we use another Application to solve the problem and evict the Tenant conducting an Illegal Act. 

There are solutions for tenants committing illegal acts, so give me a call before you file any applications. 

My professional landlords know the complication an N6 can cause, and trust me when I go in other directions.  You really just want that bad tenant out ASAP don’t you?


Call me to find out the faster way to do this.

As a Landlord you want to move in?

Sometimes, a landlord needs the place back for various reasons. The tenant may not have done anything wrong, in fact, they may be great tenants. 

However, this is the landlord's property, and they are entitled to have the property back.

There are some strict rules to follow with an N12 notice, and if you're a professional landlord seeking back one of your properties, or because the landlord sold the premise and the purchaser is moving in, you need to consult me. 

I see these applications get dismissed from the Board all of the time because unprofessional landlord's think that the applications are easy, and trying to save some money on professional fees. This is quite short sighted as the application is not as straightforward as it might seem to be. 

When a landlord makes even a small an error, their entire application can be dismissed., I see it happen all of the time, and this delays your legal eviction considerably as it can take months to get back on the Board’s agenda. 

Professional Landlords who seek  some professional advice are notable at the Landlord and Tenant Board because they have all of their legal documents filled in correctly, there are no errors on the application, the laws have been followed, and more often than not eviction is granted. I have won cases where my landlord has a slight chance of winning but due to my superior knowledge and experience, I am able to get the Board to agree with my landlord.!

Moving House
Other Landlord Issues

You may face all kinds of different legal challenges facing your property. 

I invite you to reach out to me if you have a Tenant issue and we can work together on Professional Services to resolve your issue at hand. 

Every landlord wants a peaceful, profitable and secure place with a healthy return on their investments. 

Ideally, most tenants are also looking for a peaceful secure place with a healthy environment to live. 

If you have a problem tenant or are facing a legal problem with your rental unit, contact me for your professional solutions! It costs less than you might think!

If you have an issue, contact me for your FREE

15 minute free discussion to learn about your professional solutions and options.

If you're a landlord with a tenant issue let's discuss how to resolve it at your residential unit.

Thanks for submitting!

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