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Reviewing Legal Agreement

Virtual Legal Counsel

Landlord Self-Rep & Assistance
Jordan Nieuwhof
Virtual Landlord Assistance Package is the Help you need
  1. Get Immediate Answers to your LTB Questions

  2. Reduce your Stress by assisting you with LTB Issues

  3. Great Rates on Professional Forms;

  4. Get Access to Jordan Nieuwhof's DIY Video Programs

  5. Ensure your paperwork is correct and free of errors

  6. Create Proper Common Forms that you should be using

  7. Reduce anxiety and fears by showing you step-by-step solutions

  8. Assist with Tenant Screening & New Tenant Placements

  9. Build a Relationship with you for future issues & ensure your property is not a nightmare but a prosperous investment

  10. Allow you access to my Full Video Library where you can learn new Landlord Skills, and Manage your unit like a Professional

Call To discuss your needs with Jordan Nieuwhof (289) 302-3210

Phone & Email Support

Our Clients get dedicated Support

Get Usage Based Email & Phone Support for your LTB and RTA Questions and concerns

Customer Service
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Video Library

Need Tutorials and walk throughs? Our Clients benefit from our extensive video library

Each membership level gets access to our video library and all new videos released!

Vlogger looking at camera
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Forms & Discounts

Our Monthly Clients get included forms, and discounts on legal forms

Get Included Legal Forms like Notice of Entry and other professional forms with discounts on legal form packages. 

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Tenant Screening

Learn the ins and outs of good Tenant Screening

Need more professional Screening assistance? Our members get great discounts to S2F Investigations

Customer Service
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Legal Handshake

Self-Rep Legal Advice & Strategy Session

Understand your Legal Matter

Understand how the Board Functions

Reduce Stress by narrowing the issues

Become aware of your rights and obligations

Know the proper form and how to complete it

Learn how to submit evidence properly

Learn to use Caselaw Effectively

Avoid Common Landlord Mistakes

Get insight expert advice into your matter

Get Summary Legal Advice for your matter

Family house

The Basics

Want to become a Professional Landlord, subscribe to the Monthly Basics Package and receive: 

  1. Access to Video Library

  2. Access to Forms Library

  3. 1Monthly Summary Advice. 

  4. Discounts on Forms & Legal Advice Packages

Before you hire a Paralegal on a Full Retainer, give me a call at 289-302-3210. It might just save you Thousands imagine if you can Represent yourself... and be confident!

  1. Let's work together over the next few weeks to determine your Tenancy Issues

  2. Let's find a few possible solutions to resolve the problems!

  3. I will assist you on what needs to be done to correct or evict the Tenant

  4. I will assist you with confidence on what evidence you need to advance your matter

  5. I will assist you to ensure your paperwork is correct and ready to go

  6. I will help you feel confident that you're heading on the right course, or steer you to a better direction

  7. I want you to succeed, and will help you get there

  8. Let's work together for a few weeks with no obligations further, and I will make your a Residential Tenancies Expert, and a true Landlord GURU!


My 1-Hour Consult package is $129. I promise you will have more confidence as a Landlord, be better equipped to handle your Tenant.

Our Members get access to great content!

As a Landlord, you encounter issues that arise on a continuous basis, and in many situations, your matter does not require a massive retainer to resolve. Sometimes, your situation may be as simple as issuing an N1, N2, N11 or Notice of Entry. In other cases, the Tenant may require a simple Notice to resolve the issues. It is our fundamental principles that not every matter requires a massive Retainer. We offer our Membership Program which gets you access to many great features including our Training Sessions and Video Library 

Member Benefits

  1. My Video Library & Training Sessions

  2. Email Support for General Questions surrounding an LTB Proceeding

  3. Discounts on Forms, and Summary Legal Advice

  4. Support for Landlords on LTB Related Proceedings 

  5. Discounts on our One to One Consultation Sessions.

 Self-Rep Assistance Legal Strategy Package and includes access to the community videos. This package will turn your nightmare situation into providing you hope, knowledge, power and resource to handle your tenant! Bad Tenants stop with your legal rights and knowledge! Become a Landlord GURU and be confident at the LTB!

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