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Legal Services
Jordan Nieuwhof focuses on training Landlords
and teaching them to be confident in the Act, and
representing themselves! Save Money, Save Time, become a Landlord Guru! 


Trusted Success

Jordan Nieuwhof has 7 years of LTB Experience and Education in evicting Tenants, representing Landlord's and ensuring your rights and obligations are preserved at the Landlord & Tenant Board. 

Landlords across the Province from Sudbury Ontario, to Niagara Falls contact me for professional assistance and guidance when they have a problematic tenant. 

The services provided are for serious Landlords who want a Professional Property, Professional Policies and Professional Services to ensure their investments are protected. 

Your Investment, Your Property, Your Legal Consultant

This is your investment, your property and your house we are talking about here. 

Landlord's fall into serious issues with Tenants over taking their properties, not paying rents, causing issues, creating damages and other major issues costing Landlords money and time!

Professional Services avoid further costly mistakes. 

There are some projects ripe for do it yourself like painting, decorating, gardening, and cosmetics. In other situations, like disruptive and not-paying-tenants should be left for the professionals to deal with.  

Landlord's afford my representation because they know it works, and they see the value. 

It is better not to have your Application dismissed for a simple mistake and that is why my Landlord's trust me to guide them and ensuring proper paperwork! 

Legal Consultant

Problem Tenant?


Most people aren't on this website because everything's going right, chances are you have a problem, or are facing a Tenant Issue. 

It could be for various reasons:

  • Non-payment of Rent

  • Disruptive behaviour

  • Criminal Activity

  • Changing the Locks

  • Tenant Complaints

  • Need to move in

  • Seeking an Eviction

There are all sorts of problems Landlords face, and if not dealt with properly, it can cause even more issues. 

Professional thinking.

Your problem has a solution, and I can help you navigate to the solution. 

15 Minute Consultations

Cost of Services

Every Landlord wants to know costs of services. After every 15-minute consultation, and if we decide your case has merits, we will invite you to a paid 1-Hour Consultation where we will sit with you over Zoom, and evaluate all of your documents:

  1. We will build you a Personalized Legal Strategy with Costs to resolve your matter. 

  2. Provide you Summary Legal Advice. 

  3. Ease stress by providing clarity on your matter and provide you access to hours of video-training and templates!

Call us today at 289-302-3210 for a free 15-minute consultation to see how our solutions can help you!

Speak with a Landlord Representative

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We will contact you shortly regarding this request thank you.

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