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Unbalanced Scales of Justice

The Landlords' Legal Consultant

Jordan Nieuwhof


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Stop! Before you hire a Full-Retainer Paralegal, contact me first, not all problems require $$$ Thousand dollar retainers! Proper Guidance can save you time and money

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What Jordan Nieuwhof & his Team can do for you?

Every landlord dreams of timely and well-paying tenants who abide by operating rules. The reality, however, is that not all tenants will respect the terms of the lease, and when answered through poorly documented procedures, a previously prosperous investment can quickly turn into a monthly nightmare of financial losses. My landlord legal office is ready to support you in Legal Consulting and Coaching. 

Jordan Nieuwhof, The Landlord's Legal Consultant

To discuss a Legal Action Plan and your Rights, give me a call:
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Virtual Legal Counsel
  • Are you a Landlord that is facing a legal issue?

  • Other Paralegals have quoted you $$$ Thousands to deal with the issue?

  • You cannot afford to loose more money on this Tenancy?

  • You're thinking about going Self-Represented but don't know where to begin?

  • You don't want to pay for Full-Representation, if it's not required? 

You are not  alone! In fact, many Landlords choose to be Self-Represented! 

I have a Self-Represented Package that can assist you!

Ensure that you're on the right track without breaking the wallet, and giving you the confidence you need!

My Videos is how I Represent Landlords, and they teach you!  |  I will give you the confidence you need to ensure you're doing it right!

Avoid mistakes that get applications dismissed and delays hearings!

Each one of my Video Training Packages also comes with full 40 Minute Personal Sessions with me to teach you how to complete your forms, understand what form you should be using, and review your forms for common errors before filing! Avoid major issues, avoid dismissed cases, and have confidence with your Virtual Legal Representative Jordan Nieuwhof! 

Being the Best Landlord does not have to cost thousands of dollars! 

Be Confident @ Your Hearing and Learn how to:

  1. Present a Strong and Powerful Case

  2. How to properly complete the LTB Forms

  3. How to introduce Caselaw and Evidence

  4. How to Ask the Tenant Cross Questions

  5. How to be the best Self-Represented Landlord

Reviewing Legal Agreement
Experience Makes the Difference

Why Jordan Nieuwhof?

His Reputation, Success, and Knowledge is known at the Board and he has numerous CanLII Decisions

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What are the most common cases where landlords need legal representation?
  • Preparing the proper legal documents, including Eviction Forms.

  • Giving notice to tenants to make up missed rent payments.

  • Legally enforcing the tenant's eviction in the case of a contract violation (which might occur due to non-payment or other causes).

  • Obtaining reimbursement for the tenant's damages, either during the lease or at the closing of the contract.

​​With my solution-oriented team, we strive to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. I consult with landlords but understand the importance of building the right landlord-tenant relationship for long-term success. That's why our communication is engaging but people-oriented, transparent, and easy to understand.

Other Services

Eviction Enforcement

Nonpayment of monthly rent is the most prevalent violation of the contract, regardless the tenant is residential or commercial. Although most leases include a grace period, it is in the landlord's interest to replace a delinquent tenant with a solvent one as soon as possible.


As part of the settlement process, a notice to pay is recommended as a first step, after which a financial settlement plan can be drawn up during the rental period covered by the deposit. If this is not possible or the settlement plan is not available, eviction as soon as possible is the only solution that is in the landlord's best interests.


Being Self-Represented with the right education has never been a more affordable option! The Board is full of Self-Represented Landlords and with

the right training, resources and expertise, you can save thousands in legal fees while being confident to represent yourself!

Compensation for damage caused by the tenant

A landlord can maximize its profits if the property is free of damage and can therefore be easily re-let. Unfortunately, however, tenants, whether through no fault of their own or intentionally, can cause damage to the property that goes beyond its intended use.


In such circumstances, it is critical to retain legal counsel as quickly as possible and get all essential evidence, including any special reports. Our staff will work with you to ensure that you have the confidence to bring forward a strong argument to the Landlord and Tenant Board!

Legal Counsel

There are many situations in the relationship between landlord and tenant that do not warrant legal intervention, but it is very helpful if the landlord has the right background knowledge. Our team helps to build the necessary know-how for landlords in the form of 1-on-1 and group training.

To discuss your case give me a call:
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As a Landlord, you encounter issues that arise on a continuous basis, and in many situations, your matter does not require a massive retainer to resolve. Sometimes, your situation may be as simple as issuing an N1, N2, N11 or Notice of Entry. In other cases, the Tenant may require a simple Notice to resolve the issues. It is our fundamental principles that not every matter requires a massive Retainer. We offer our Membership Program which gets you access to many great features including our Training Sessions and Video Library 

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Discounts on Forms, & Summary Legal Advice

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Discounts on our One to One Consultation Sessions.

My clients represent themselves, know the law, and are confident landlords

who under my guidance, program and training are capable of accomplishing amazing and powerful solutions! If you're a Landlord, I have the program to make you confident in the law, and resolving your own problems!


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